Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria is a neatly planned city. Mostly built in the 80s, it is neutrally located against the country&#39s diverse ethnic and religious regions. A really nice holiday get away as it boosts of a few fascinating landmarks and top class hotels. It has everything from chill out spots to vibrant night clubs. Here&#39s a guide to leisure in Abuja.



There are loads of hotels in central Abuja. As the country&#39s capital, Abuja favours the likes of government officials and business tycoons, who prefer the popular 5 star Transcorp Hilton Hotel, in the Maitama district. This hotel has four restaurants, a nite club, shops that stock local paintings and fashion accessories. ( For a more serene ambience opt for the four star Protea Hotel in the same district offers a high level of luxury.(


If you want to get into a relaxed mode then head to Zone 4 where MB Hamman Spa for women is located in the heart of the city.  This women&#39s only spa, has beauty and spa treatments to relax you and promises to make you beautiful from the inside.


The city has the best restaurants in the country. If you are one for expat dining then head out to Chopsticks an Asian restaurant in Maitama, but if you want to dine like the locals then Royal Falls Garden Fish Grill in Wuse, Zone VI is the right spot for you to mingle with the locals and eat an assortment of foods straight from the grill.


If you are a night crawler, then Abuja is perfectly safe for this. The city&#39s nightlife hits up around 11pm. There is a variety of bars, lounges and clubs to go to. If you are like me and like to go to all the major places before in one night then I would start the night at the Piano bar at The Transcorp Hilton Hotel or Cafe 24 then head out to Play night club or Aqua and end the night with the Soho Lounge. All these bars and clubs are basically five minutes drive time apart.


Get right in and soak in the culture by visiting the major attractions in the city that is a cure for sore eyes. Visit Zuma Rock at the edge of the city, Aso Rock, in the Asokoro district with natural rocky plains a stone throw from the country&#39s Presidential Villa. Other places of interest are, Eagle Square where all the major activities and carnivals are held, the National Children Park and Zoo, the Millennium Park, Maitama Amusement Park and the Tourism Village.


You can find local artworks and fabrics in Garki, grand square and central markets while Wuse market in Zone V is the main hub for fine gold jewelery.


For a chilled out day with your loved ones or the kids, catch a movie at Silverbird Cinema in Ceddi Plaza or simply opt for a day of golf at the Ibrahim Babaginda Golf Club in Maitama.

THANKS TO: Ade Boye, Magaret-Loonie Dureke and Ifunanya Acholonu

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