The Lyrics: Deaf – Eva

Nigeria’s hottest female rapper right now, Eva Alordiah impressed major with her hit track, Deaf which only grew bigger on fans when its amazing video was shot.
The femcee definitely didn’t mince words on this track, as she went hard! For those of you who struggle to catch all the lyrics however, here you go!


VS 1

Hold up don&#39t tell me shit
Where were you when I started shit
When the pillow for the head was a pile of bricks
And I had no dough for the bread so I never ate
Hold up don&#39t tell me shit
I don&#39t care about your bag of tricks
Roll one while you suck on this

They say I gotta think about a restart
Get a choc boy pass that kit kat
But a bitch like me don&#39t need that
My shit hot – Beleeee that
Why you gotta be on my biz everytime
I&#39m stressed 9 to 5 while you passing the time
Do what you do keep my ass on the line
I&#39d be over the moon cos my star&#39s gotta shine
While you taking still shots of my dcups
I flip flop get props on my hiphop
I see them trya get low when the beef starts
And time goes tick tock on my gshock
Please don&#39t try to waste my time with your shit-
Don&#39t try to tell me how to handle my biz
Got no patience for your long ass speech
Cos While u tryna land I&#39d be Over the seas


I don&#39t care how you do your shit
I&#39m just saying
u sure don&#39t do it like this
So What you saying?
I don&#39t think that ya really know me

Wan bi naa  
Do you know me
I&#39m the one like the 2 from 3
Now Please tell me what ya do for me
Hold on….
Mi – fun won leti
Mi- fun won leti

VS 2

You come thru with your hands tryna shake us
white tees gold chains and Adidas
Tell us all about your advance and your figures
And how you gat a couple more fans on your twitter
now you get to have an opinion
How I gotta do this gotta do that
You paint up this whole fact on a flow chart
Of how I&#39m the new kid and you&#39re the cool cat

Why you all up in my biz all up in my biz
When u see me take a picture cheeze take a picture cheez
Tell me how you have a lotta things have a lotta things
That you wanna tell me
Nigga please ahnnnnn Nigga please
What you think I rap for to push a rav4
Come in thru the front just to take the back door
Ve had enough patience do u think I gat more
To get up on the score with my pedal to d floor

Repeat Hook.

Listen to and watch the video to Deaf below.




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