Modern dandyism can be expressed as a carefully put together elegance, carriage, and of course with the mixing of the current fashion trends with the original tradition. It is a mixture of the new and old, the later which can be described by the French as the ‘je ne sais quoi’ effect and the others in the fashion world might say it’s the ‘it’ look.

Many fashion aficionados subscribe to a man having certain key qualities in order to be called dandy, be it modern. `Modern dandies is more expressive of the youthful man of today who is obviously very fashion conscious and forward.the_modern_dandy 
For any stylish man, there are certain important qualities you need to possess before attempting this look, as you can easily fall into the fashion faux pax category. Now we don’t want that happening to you, do we?
You can easily attain the dandyism if you are tall, slender or toned and handsome.  This may be hard for some but you have to at least have one of those qualities to a high degree while remaining at least average in the others.the_modern_dandy_1 Clothes generally fall in place when you are skinny and tall as a man. 

The modern dandy is very likely to be a smartly dressed follower of fashion. Unlike the old, the modern will consider and favour trends. Where the old dandy religiously follows the tradition and favours a tuxedo jacket, buttonhole and silk cravat, all worn with a perfectly starched shirt, bow tie and 1930’s suit, the modern will opt for skinny denim or cropped trousers with sandals, and an shirt with a smoking jacket and might top it with an accessory like a man bag or a trilby hat.the_modern_dandy_3 

The modern likes to experiment with the trends and enjoys the freedom of fashion as an expression of who he is or dresses up to reflect his mood.


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