The Outfit, Energy & More! How Beyonce Stole The Show With Her Super Bowl Performance

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The 2016 Super bowl halftime show created such a buzz, we’re still reeling from it thanks to Beyonce’s performance where she paid homage to the Black Panthers, a 60’s group that advocated violence to correct racial injustice; Malcom X and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Though it was headlined by British band, Coldplay, it was Beyonce who lit up the stage when she stepped on stage to join Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars.

After which she performed her newest track, ‘Formation’, which she premiered the day before to the delight of all. No doubt recorded as one of the best performances of all times in the game’s history, Beyonce made what might be the most radical political statement in her 20-year career.

Queen Bey emerged, flanked by black female backup dancers with Afros, berets and Black Panther-adjacent uniforms. She wore a jacket with a strap on her chest in the form of an “X” that echoed one of late singer, Michael Jackson’s iconic looks which he wore to perform at the 1993 Super Bowl.

Long story short, Beyonce dominated the stage the moment she stepped on it!

Check out photos from her performance below…Beyonce-4 Beyonce-5 Beyonce-6 Beyonce-7 Beyonce-8 Beyonce-9 Beyonce-10 Beyonce-11 Beyonce-12




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