The Perfect New Year Resolution “The Least That I Can Do Is Care”

What do I love about this season? The feeling of God’s love and presence, the colours, shopping, the family togetherness, the laid back air and just the feeling of anticipation and hope that comes with the end of a year and the beginning of another.

We think of all we didn’t achieve and wait with hearts thickly laced with hope that our lives will take a better turn in the New Year.


What I don’t love about this season? Making resolutions I can’t keep – Arrrrgggggg…! I promise to save more; I will stop drinking; I will settle down with one girlfriend; I will quit being such a shrew; I will call my parents more; I will dedicate more time to God. With fervent hearts, we cross our fingers and pray to stay true to the promises we make this season; alas, most of us fail at this task.


A few days ago, I was watching Kid Rock’s performance at the CNN Heroes Award and a line in his song caught my attention and made me think – this is the perfect resolution; it’s easy to stay true to it – ‘The least I can do is care.’ So, from now to the end of the year and beyond, join me in resolving that!


‘The least I can do is care’ about taking the time to build up my relationship with God; HE is the only one who loves us unconditionally so why not take the time to know him better


‘The least I can do is care’ about my parents feelings when it comes to keeping in touch; we’re all busy, I know, but it’s a priceless thing to hear the smile in their voice when we call regularly to say hi.


‘The least I can do is care’ about my friends and what is happening in their lives; we may be close, far apart, arguing or just too busy to hang out much, but when there is need to support them, we will do just that because “Good friends are priceless and forever”


‘The least I can do is care’ about the less fortunate around me. I’m going to splurge less on myself so that I can spend more on those that really need help – I mean, come on guys, do we really need that boyfriend jacket in four different colours, or must we wear the snake skin Christian Louboutin pumps that cost a fortune, the patent leather in the same style is definitely less expensive and the extra cash will mean a lot to someone less fortunate. Moreover, a little help always goes a long way, especially in the eyes of God. I mean, we all want to score some good points with our maker, don’t we? This is the best way to do it. “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”


‘The least I can do is care’ about my environment. We will not throw trash out the window, we will make sure our environment is clean, we will recycle (eehmm…don’t ask me how) and we will plant some flowers and beautify our surroundings


‘The least I can do is care’ about my colleague who still lives in the eighties with her garish make-up, bushy eyebrows and too tight clothes; we will stop sniggering behind her back, take her aside unobtrusively, show her the scary error of her ways and the better way to work it. And I honestly mean this – no more sniggering!


‘The least I can do is care’ about a distant relative who needs my help with clothes, food or small change; we may not be close but if we can afford to help out sometimes, we will


‘The least I can do is care’ about my good name and delete it from debtor lists around town; if you can’t afford it, look the other way – you must not have everything.


‘The least I can do is care’ about the way I treat those around me; kind words, earned praise and a show of concern costs nothing so why not donate them generously to those around


‘The least I can do is care’ about my job, my business and any other venture that provides income for me; we will commit to putting in 110% to whatever we do so that we can reap just as much. We will be successful because we will work hard and smart to be.


‘The least I can do is care’ about my mind and body; we will read more, eat better, drive carefully and take proper care of ourselves. We intend to be healthy and safe so that our family and friends will enjoy us for a long time.


‘The least I can do is care’ about discovering new things and enjoying life; we will be open minded and surprise ourselves so that life can surprise us. We will dance more, laugh more, sing more and just be more. Hopefully, our lives will be fuller and richer for it.


‘The least I can do is care’ about everything and anything around me; I know if I cared and you cared, even a little bit, we will be a world of carers and everyone will be happier for it. In the end, isn’t happiness what we are all seeking in our own ways?


So, will you join me in making the easier resolution that the least you can do is care?


Compliments of the season, everyone!




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