The Stylish Valentine Gift Guide: Finding The Perfect Gift For Her!

Yipee…Valentine’s day is almost here and we are super excited with all the fuss about it. Hilarious Blackberry jokes have been going around, guys you cannot run away this time! We are just happy that people are seeing the lighter side of the LOVE festival.


Now onto the serious stuff…Most times if you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. This adage applies doubly to buying Valentine&#39s Day gifts. Doesn&#39t really matter if you&#39re single or in a relationship, we say it&#39s the time to treat yourself to something nice this year. This year we say no to chocolates, you don’t want to add those pounds that will be difficult to shed. Sky-high heels, jewellery, a handbag or perfume? Take the stylish route!

Here&#39s a list of things to get you started and lease be ready to max out your bank card, it’s only a small price to pay…



1.    Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude perfume
2.    MICHEAL by Michael Kors 11” or 13” slim sleeve for mac book air
3.    Prada “Saffiano” Calf Leather Tote
4.    Prada gold and ruby earrings
5.    Yves Saint Laurent’s gold-plated cuff


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