There’s a New Crush on the Block! 2Flame Entertainment New Act Medley in New Photos

Medley Official Photo Shoot-1

We now have a new crush on the block and it’s no other than Moses Joshua Chinedu also known as Medley. The fast-rising artist is signed on to the prestigious 2Flame Entertainment music label.

Medley in celebration of his first single titled “Last Bus-Stop” has released these stunning visuals. In the photos we see the stylish young singer channeling some dandy-gentlemanly as well as super creative quirky looks. these

Last Bus-Stop is produced by Donadah and mixed and mastered by the legendary Tee-Y Mix.

Medley is a multi talented instrumentalist born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. At just only 20 years old, this eccentric singer, electrifying performer and song writer’s sonorous voice leaves everyone mesmerized and wanting more. His style of music is a mix of Traditional R&B and Pop. Top record company- 2Flame Entertainment discovered Medley’s raw talented and is committed to taking him all the way to the top of the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond.

See photos below.

Medley Official Photo Shoot-2


Medley Official Photo Shoot-3


Medley Official Photo Shoot-4


Medley Official Photo Shoot-5


Medley Official Photo Shoot-6


Medley Official Photo Shoot-7


Medley Official Photo Shoot-8


Medley Official Photo Shoot-9


Medley Official Photo Shoot-10


Medley Official Photo Shoot-11

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  1. You are an amazing singer,I barely take my ears off of your song,I just love your voice.Nothing better than an honest heartfelt compliment

  2. “you are going to be huge!”…keep pushing,keep writing,keep connecting and we’ll see you on the big stage Medley.Your voice really moved me,it’s pure and it has its own charm which no one can own. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT ALBUM.
    your greatest fan,AISLING

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