Thinking Of Buying The $9,000 Balenciaga Layered Oversized Jacket? Think Again!

layered jacket 1

In Fall runway show in march 2018, Balenciaga, a luxury and expensive brand  debuted its  layered oversized parka and recently it has been put up for pre-sale on Barney’s and it goes for about $9,000.

This is a whole lot of money, so are you considering getting it? Do you think you really want to get this?

Well, the good thing here is that you can re-create this look at a low budget and still look stylish and trendy.

So to achieve this look all you need is a black turtle neck top, followed by a white and black shirt, then a white shirt, white and black shirt, a nude coat, then a red shirt,then a black track suit. Then you can wear them together or if you want to go extra you can sew the seven shirts together and make it look like a single piece outfit and then you are ready to rock your Balenciaga layered oversized parka.

Also you can decide to be creative and play with calm or wild colours creating your own personality without restrictions.

See more photos below!

layered jacket 2

layered jacket 3

layered jacket 4

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