This Clip will Warm Your Heart! US President Joe Biden Thanks a Nigerian Immigrant Family

US President Joe Biden Thanks a Nigerian Immigrant FamilyUS President Joe Biden Nigerian Family

Just after a day in office, a clip has been released showing the President of the United States of America Joe Biden thanking a Nigerian family for supporting his election campaign.

The heart-warming 12 minutes long call video shows Biden in conversation with the immigrant Nigeria Doctor- Oke and his two daughters.

Dr. Oke and his family were selected from a list of campaign donors. The call which happened before Biden was sworn into office in a pleasant conversation speaking to Dr. Oke’s daughters Josephine and Beatrice, Biden spoke highly of them in a cordial and relaxed manner, the conversation was filled with laughter and compliments.

Mr. President extended an invitation to the White House to the family and hopes they will come visit him when the Covid-19 virus comes down. In response, excited Dr. Oke told Biden how he has been following his career right from when he was a Senator and how he stood for black people. Dr. Oke also prayed for the President elect.

Dr. Oke and his daughters also got to say hello to the First Lady Jill Biden who also thanked them for their support.

Watch the video below.

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