Beauty: Dazzling Glitter Lips! Check Out This Super Easy Tutorial

It’s time to take a jump into the festive season and input it into our beauty routines, and what better what than to go bold with sparkly glitter lips?


Love Broadway shows? Glitter lips are basic Burlesque 101 and they are the easiest thing ever to do! Here’s how:

You Will Need
• Lipstick (Your preferred colour)
• Fine, makeup-grade glitter
• Cotton swab or lip brush (Your preferred colour)

Start with lipstick. Put it on, blot. Put on more


Grab a cotton swab and lick it. Or if you want to you can use a brush. Twirl the cotton swab or brush in fine, makeup-grade glitter. Get lots of glitter on there.


Roll or pat glitter onto the lips, covering every inch. Repeat! Until your mouth is as sparkly as you would want.


Press lips together to tamp the glitter into place. Then stick a finger in your mouth, purse your lips, and slowly pull the finger out. This is to remove any particles waiting on the inside of your lips to hop onto your teeth.


You are good to go!

Would you try this look?


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