Timi Dakolo Joins Bryan Okwara As OUCH Ambassador As Charles Ujomu Emerges OUCHman 2016

0.OUCHman 2016-OnoBello


Leading fashion brand, OUCH unveiled its 2016 collection on the 25th of February at the rooftop of BLD By Play in Lekki.

The event which doubled as the finale for The OUCHMan 2016 search, was hosted by the delectable Zina Anumudu alongside OUCH and Martini ambassador Bryan Okwara.

Style influencers, fashionistas and other friends of the brand as well as media personalities including Audu Maikori of Chocolate City Group, Adebola Williams, Noble Igwe, Ifeoma Williams, Victoria Kimani, Mai Atafo, Denola Grey, Shade Ladipo, Tewa Onasanya, Remi Adetiba, Swanky Jerry, Yomi Casuals, and more were on hand at the intimate event.



1.Uche Nnaji-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 2.Bryan Okwara-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Uche Nnaji Bryan Okwara
3.Charles Ujomu-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 4.Debola Williams-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Charles Ujomu Debola Williams
5.Mr Universe Nigeria, Francis Egwuatu-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 6.Vitoria Kimani-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Mr Universe Nigeria, Francis Egwuatu Vitoria Kimani
7.Noble igwe-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 8.Otto Cannon-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Noble igwe Otto Cannon
9.Odache Obe-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 10.Swanky Jerry-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Odache Obe Swanky Jerry
11.Zina Anumudu-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 12.Zina Anumudu & Timi Dakolo-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
Zina Anumudu Zina Anumudu & Timi Dakolo
13.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 14.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello
15.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 16.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello

17.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello


There, award winning musician and The Voice Nigeria coach Timi Dakolo was announced as the new brand ambassador.

Model and actor Charles Ujomu emerged as the OUCHman 2016 ahead of other 3 finalists including Odache Obe a banker, Mr Universe Nigeria, Francis Egwuatu and Otto Cannon winner Gulder Ultimate Search viewer’s choice



18.OUCHman-contestants-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello  OUCHman contestants 

19.Judges-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello  Judges 

20.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello 21.Uche-Nnaji-&-OUCHman-Charles-Ujomu-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello  Uche Nnaji & OUCHman Charles Ujomu 

22.-OUCHman 2016-OnoBello

Speaking at the event the creative director of OUCH, Uche Nnaji said “the 2016 collection themed ‘My Way’ is for the man who loves exclusivity in style, I am very happy to be associated with Bryan Okwara and Timi Dakolo this year and very proud of our new Ouchman.”





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