Tips To Help You Control ‘Combination Skin’


Is your skin type ‘combination’? According to Boldijarre Koronczay, the president of Éminence Organic Skincare, “You can determine if you have combination skin by using an oil absorbing blotting paper. If your forehead, nose and/or chin (your T-zone) are generally oilier and your cheeks tend to be dry then you have combination skin”.

The ace facialist shared some amazing tips on controlling this skin type. Check them out below!

  1. Keep your products cool

“Rather than storing products in your bathroom or dressing table, put them in the refrigerator. By keeping the contents cool, it will help reduce inflammation and redness when applied to the skin and ensure more balanced oil production throughout the day.”

  1. Use different cleansers at different times

“Combination skin needs a different type of cleansing at different times of the day. That’s why I recommend cleansing with a foaming cleanser in the morning to remove oil and then switching to a cream based cleanser at night to replenish moisture.”

  1. Choose your toner wisely

“Toning is often a forgotten step in a skincare regime but is really important. That said, not all toners are created equally, so to keep combination skin in balance, seek out toners that are high in anti-oxidants and are positioned as anti-inflammatory versus toners high in alcohol that can further dry your complexion.”

  1. Treat the oily T-zone and dry cheeks separately

“Different areas of the skin need to be treated individually, so rather than using the same moisturiser over your entire face, use an oil-balancing moisturiser on your T-Zone to control shine and a richer moisturiser on your cheeks for hydration.

  1. Try #multimasking

Keeping combination skin in balance isn’t just about cleansing, toning and moisturising. Treating skin with a mask is also advised. As with your moisturiser, use an oil-balancing version on your T-zone and a hydrating mask on your cheeks.

  1. Don’t forget SPF

“Always wear sun protection, but opt for one that suits you to ensure you are perfectly protected: there are sunscreens available for different skin types including combination skin.”




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