Tiwa Savage Urges Fans Not To Quit Protesting For Their Rights: ‘No Going Back Now’

Tiwa Savage Protests OnoBello

Tiwa Savage is encouraging her fans to not relent in the fight for a promising future and better Nigeria amid widespread protests against police brutality.

The 40-year-old popstar shared a poignant message on Instagram Wednesday, saying that despite the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS )announced by the Inspector General of Police, the fight is not over as there is nothing the country can be proud of since 60 years of independence.

Accompanying the message were the words: “No going back now, our check list is PLENTY.” On twitter, Savage added, “We just celebrated our 60th Independence Day but tell me one thing that is working for us to celebrate. IT IS NOT OVER MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, IT HAS JUST BEGUN”.

In the wake of several violence against #EndSARS protesters, the Afrobeat star expressed her hurt and anger on Instagram, urging her followers to not relent in the ongoing push for change.

The ‘Celia’ hitmaker went on to say her worries that her son Jamil might grow up and still nothing would have changed. “God forbid that Jamil will grow up and nothing has changed or has even gotten worse,” she wrote.

She concluded the message by calling on her fans to call out their local government chairman, senators, other lawmakers and also the president. Savage’s latest post on the issue came hours after SARS was disbanded.

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No going back now, our check list is PLENTY

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