Toke Makinwa Wants Eveyone To Stop Seeing Her As Their Role Model

Toke Makinwa OnoBello

Being famous means you do not get to live a regular life; people idolize you, you have to live up to people’s expectations, among many other things.

And while we most of us can’t identify with the life of a celebrity, we can imagine the extensive pressures and stressors this limelight puts on them, especially those who feel the need to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

That’s why Toke Makinwa is asking people to stop making her their role models. The media personality took to Twitter on Friday morning, explaning that the pressure placed on her “has to stop”.

She also asked parents to stop putting pressure on her by telling her their daughters look up to her and further advised them to raise their kids to see themselves as a work in progress.

“Guys I gotta get this off my chest, pls stop calling me your role model, I am no ones role model, me sef I am looking for “role model”. The pressure of my kids love you and you are their role model has to stop. Raise your kids to see themselves as a work in progress,” she wrote.


The budding actress added, “If a part of my life inspires you, by all means use it as a guideline to be better, pls I am also trying out this thing called life. I am not perfect, I will disappoint you with no apologies. I disappoint myself too, the difference is I get up and move on.

“I accept my flaws all, I am under no pressure to fit into your ideal of what perfection looks like, I am figuring me out too. Pls be inspired but don’t pressure me to be a “role model”, I love my loud, goofy, silly and witty self too much to submit to your standard.

“To summarize all I’ve said, I will still fuck up plenty, I will make not so smart decisions, I’m willing to live and learn and not put up a font of perfection. Stop with the pressure, I won’t live up to your expectations and I’m at peace on my pace.”

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