Top 5 Mistakes Men Make When Making A Suit

38469495_479435825855541_2403965552885235712_nMost men really do not know what they want when they go for shopping or go to meet a designer. There are so many things to look out for when choosing a perfect suit for your body.

  1. Material: If the material of the suit is not a quality material then be rest assured that no matter how well your designer sews it, it will never come out looking nice.So the first thing you consider in making a suit is to ensure that the material is a quality one. There are stores around that sells quality and affordable suit material.

2. Inexperienced tailor: The worst thing that can happen to a man is giving your expensive or quality material to an inexperienced tailor.This means that you would have wasted your time and resources because if your tailor is inexperienced be sure to get the opposite of what you asked for. Searching for an experienced tailor is really hard because ever tailor you see claims to be experienced when they don’t even know the style you’re talking about.’One of the best ways to find a good tailor is through recommendation and also from friends who really have nice suits they could direct you to a good one.

3. Sewing a tight suit: Making a tight suit is very unattractive and makes you look very shabby. Why? this is because you’ll keep on struggling with your suit, keep adjusting and the more you do that you won’t feel comfortable in your suit and it would always affect your appearance and you confidence. The best thing to do is to sew a suit that fits your body and that is very comfortable to work around and move your body without restriction. Your tailor might tell you” oga, no worry after three days e go expand” trust me no suit expands after three days except you’re using an elastic material to sew your suit.

4. coping others: What looks really nice on someone might not look so nice on you and this is because our shapes and sizes differ. So it is best to find out your body, what works for you and design a look for yourself, than coping others.

5. over complicating your design: I see what people do with their suit these days. They have a lot of designs on it. Keeping your suit design as simple as possible is the best you can ever do. Because making your suit too busy with too many designs takes away the beauty and makes it look unappealing.

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