Top Ten Tips On How To Maximize A Job Interview

Interviews are important and impossible to escape. So why not prepare in the proper ways and look towards making it a smashing success with ease? Here are 10 brief tips to help accomplished that.

Create A &#39To Be&#39 List
Entry is everything so think about how you want to &#39show up&#39 at the interview. What qualities do you want to demonstrate? Decide in advance how you intend to come across. Write a &#39to be&#39 list and identify ways you can transmit the qualities you want to broadcast.

Make It More Of A Conversation
The more you can make the interview a two-way exchange, the more likely you are to relax. Make the most of this opportunity to gather information, get to know your prospective colleagues and catch a glimpse of the way they do things.

Be Comfortable Talking About Money

Even if the job comes with an advertised salary, you may be asked what your salary expectations are. Anticipate this question and, off-line, practice saying your answer out loud. If you want to be paid more than the ad suggests, be prepared to give your reasons as you&#39ll need to justify your request.

Know Your Strengths

Be prepared to articulate your &#39unique selling points&#39. Give this question serious consideration. Think about your own combination of strengths, for example, are you that rare individual who is creative, proactive and reliable.

Be Prepared To Talk About Your Weaknesses
Anticipate being asked about your shortcomings. This is a sensitive subject that needs a careful response. Don’t be insincere, such as saying you&#39re a perfectionist if you’re not.

Value The Non-Verbals
When you talk face-to-face, it&#39s not just about the words you use. We&#39re social animals so body language, eye gaze and gestures all play their part. If you find it hard to look someone in the eye, you risk being judged as untrustworthy or as having something to hide.

Tailor How Much You Talk
It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking too much during an interview. Sometimes a question needs only a short response. Develop the ability to be concise.

Have A Get-Out Line
 Think through how you’ll respond to a question you don’t know the answer to. Instead of fudging it, have something prepared.

Ask For Feedback
Towards the end of the interview, say that you&#39re keen to get some feedback on how you did (if this hasn&#39t been offered). Find out how who to follow up with and get their contact details. Do this in a respectful way so that you come across as keen to learn without being pushy.

Cultivate An Attitude Of &#39You Win Some, You Lose Some&#39
Have the intention to get the job without having the expectation that you will. Go into the interview with some degree of humility – arrogance is a big turn off for any employer. Decide ahead of time that you&#39ll accept the outcome, whether you&#39re successful or not.

Culled from Marie Claire
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