Treat Your Skin Before Bed: The 5 Minute Night time Routine

After enduring makeup, oil, weather, and pollution all day, your skin needs some tender loving care at night. Even when you&#39re tired, it&#39s worth it to take a few minutes to follow some nighttime tips. This pre-slumber plan will let you hit the sheets with the skin of your dreams and wake up to a flawless complexion.

Wash Your Face at Night

Don&#39t go to bed until you&#39ve cleaned your makeup off your face. If you leave it on, your makeup grinds into your skin all night, causing breakouts and even stretching out the pores, which makes your skin look older. It is recommended to use an oil-based makeup remover, which can handle even waterproof mascara without tugging delicate skin. Use a cotton pad to sweep the makeup remover over your skin. Follow up with a gentle face cleanser.

Apply Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is thinner than elsewhere on your body, and it becomes even thinner as you age. That can lead to under-eye circles and hollowing. You should look for an eye cream or serum with vitamin A, C, E, or K, which can help repair the skin and lighten dark circles. If you use a serum, you&#39ll need a light eye cream on top of that to keep the skin hydrated.

Change Your Sleep Sides

According to experts, you can tell what side a person sleeps on because that half of their face has more fine lines. To avoid this you can use anti-wrinkle pillows or switch sides to the side you don’t usually sleep on. Even if you end up flipping over in your sleep, which you probably will, you&#39ll spend less time with one side of your face smooshed into the pillow. Or you could try sleeping on your back.




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