Trend Huntress: Focus on Menswear Fashion Trends

Thank goodness men&#39s fashion trends don&#39t change as often as women&#39s, but there are details you need to pay attention to. Here’s pointing you in the right direction and bringing all the latest trends, from the red carpet to the streets and how fashionable people that have snapped them up.


The best advice of all is to invest in a good suit—choose suits that are comfortable, fit well, and easy to move around in. Also always have at the back of your mind that richness in fabrics and good tailoring never go out of style. You can choose to wear with a tie or un-buttoned, its all up to you.

The key to this season’s trendis mixing it up.The blazer is a must-have to every man&#39s wardrobe as it works with various looks. The good part about the blazer is pairing it with a complementing pair of trousers. You don&#39t have to worry if its not a perfect match. All you need to do is feel comfortable with pieces you pair it with to create an appealing final look.

T-shirts arenow much more appealing from what we used to see them as. They are an essential part of every man&#39s wardrobe not just in white but in every color and cut especially if they have some sort of graffitti or slogans on them- your signature polo tees are a tad boring now. The new tees can be worn with almost every piece of clothing you already have in your wardrobe, from a pair of straight and skinny trousers to an old pair of jeans.

Vests and Suspenders
Previously, vests and suspenderswere seen to be for dandies, they get their origin from European and a symbol of fine tailoring, however today’s generation of dressers have re-vamped this fashion piece that it can now be worn with almost anything. This is adding a personal style to what would have otherwise been a boring look.

Fitted Shirts
A great fitted shirt is a way to show off your six-pack and will pair with everything from work trousers to jeans. It adds structure to your body and creates waistlines. One important tip- you can’t wear this trend with a bulging stomach, its just not flattering when you do, definitely a motivation to get back to the gym.

African Inspired
It’s refreshing how the ‘new man’ adds some texture and makes interesting your regular traditional African attire.Probably has a lot to do with the way today’s man carries himself. You can pair the tunic with a pair of trousers or make it work with a hat- just like Naeto C here! And you can choose a colour that you like not just white.

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