TV Personality Nancy Isime Is Fierce In TIR Fashion House’s ‘Red Sea’ Collection – See Lookbook Photos

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Emerging brand, TIR Fashion House has unveiled the official lookbook for its 2016 collection tagged ‘Red Sea’ and it features the incredible actress, model and TV presenter, Nancy Isime.

The images from the new look booklooks like something out of a bond movie,but a closer look reveals something else – the character of a lady being the object of desire, the center piece if you will.

Named ‘Red Sea’, this collection at aninitial glance reflects its name with the predominant colour “red”but digging deeper, the inspiration behind it left us in awe.

Founder and Creative designer of the TIR Fashion House, Danielle Allen brand was only too glad to share her thoughts on this fiery collection.

“The Red Sea collection to me is a combination of two things, boldness and might. The colour red is representing the boldness whilst the sea is representing the might. The sea is boundless, limitless, and holds so much splendor. That to me, describes the essence of a women,” she stated.

“The collection shows various ways in which a women might want to portray herself, sometimes she is the “boss” which is illustrated on the long sleeveless suit jacket, sometimes she is alluring, sometimes she is captivating but our closing piece is my favourite which shows that above all, she is always the queen of her own world,” she added.

The Red Sea collection was also recently showcased at the just concluded Africa Fashion Week 2016.

The brand has since inception showcased at various world runways and has been known to dress key dignitaries in host country, Zimbabwe as well as London and Nigeria.

TIR fashion house has once again proven itself with this collection, that it is on course to achieving its aims to expand the brand globally with the focus of becoming one of the most prominent Pan Africa fashion labels.

See Nancy Isime serve some fierce poses for the lookbook below!



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Written by Olufunke Edidi 



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