Twitter User Shares How A Lady Caught Her Husband Defiling Their 3-Year-Old Daughter


In the wake of Nigerian denouncing rape, lady has taken to social media to recount the horrid story of a young woman who caught her husband defiling their toddler.

According to the Twitter user, Nwando, the woman had walked into the disgusting act and fainted thereby leading to the man’s escape.

She also shared the text message the husband sent to the woman afterwards which almost made her lose her sanity. Nwando said she saw a photo of the woman and her daughter recently and was happy to know that they were doing fine.

The strings of tweet which has since gone viral also had many users sharing their own stories while other condemned the act.

Read her story below.

I’ll never forget the year 2015.. that young couple; she legit walked in on her own husband fingering their toddler, is that what a 3yrs old is called?? That man escaped because the woman passed out. She could not comprehend. Guess the text her sent to her…

Please forgive me my love, it was the devil,  Angel looks so much like you, she has even your eyes”. She almost ran mad, she kept cursing, she begged her mom to take her child for a while. I know her life will never remain the same.

She  saying God I have failed my daughter, God where did I go wrong.

I don’t think she will ever be able to heal from that damage. Saw a picture of them recently and I’m grateful Cos she looks good and her daughter is fine but I kept thinking…

How is her heart? I wonder how protective she will be… I wondered a lot but I just prayed for them. All you INANE LOT speaking trash and dropping lines of ‘oo she could have’, ‘ooo this and oo that’, please keep quiet if you’ve not experienced these things.

Just keep shut, you must not contribute I beg you… don’t bring curses upon yourself. Because tomorrow, it could be your child, your sister, someone that is very close or even yourself. Maybe then you will know that these people belong(ed) to a FAMILY!!”

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