Ubi Franklin Clears Air On Iyanya’s Allegations, Says They Are False

ubAgainst the backdrop of popular singer Iyanya accusing his former manager and business partner, Ubi Franklin for forging his signature, excluding him as a co-owner of MMMG, amidst others. Ubi has reacted with a stand that the singer’s accusations are false.

First of, Ubi claimed Iyanya’s name wasn’t on the first company’s ownership document because ‘he (Iyanya) wasn’t interested in the business aspect of the company’ as he only wanted to focus on the music.

However, along the line, in a bid to get a loan, the ownership documents needed to have Iyanya’s name, thus there was a correction made which included Iyanya as a co-owner of MMMG in the same year 2012 it was started, even though Iyanya claimed otherwise.
Speaking about the error in Iyanya’s name and accusations of forgery, Ubi stated that the Iyanya’s name was mispelt by one barrister Obinna who spelt ‘Iyanya’ as ‘Inyanya’. However, Ubi claimed that Iyanya signed the document regardless (after it was corrected with a pen), hereby debunking the allegations of ‘forgery’.

Moving on, Ubi claimed a Joint Venture Agreement contract was signed between him and Iyanya where the proceedings of MMMG would be shared at a 50-50 percentage between both parties.

Reacting to Iyanya’s claims that he made just ‘145,000 Naira on Tekno’ who was signed to MMMG, Ubi debunked such claims stating that Iyanya made more than that off Tekno.
Ubi clarified that although Iyanya wasn’t getting any cut from Tekno’s earn initially, because he (Iyanya) didn’t invest anything on Tekno,’ but the issue was later resolved and they agreed on a percentage of 50-50 on every Tekno’s earn, Ubi brought out whatsapp chats as evidence.

Ubi concluded that a settlement agreement was signed after Iyanya insisted on leaving, in which he agreed to relinquish his shares to Ubi Fraklin.

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