Ubi Franklin Responds With A “No Comment Post” To Accusations Of From Babymama & Two Other Ladies

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Since news hit the internet that Entrepreneur Ubi Franklin is having a fourth child with he fourth woman, things seem like it has been spiralling down for Father, Mentor, Investor and Christ Advocate.

Two women; UK based Ms. Nkemdilim a fashion retailer and Ms. Bella Tiffany, a Businesswoman has all posted their money experiences with Ubi.

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Third Woman


Ubi Franklin Babaymama scandal

It all started early last week when news broke online that US based Sandra Iheuwa, the CEO of The Iheuwa Foundation and Bella Group and companies was pregnant with Mr Franklin’s fourth child. Not only did this news break the internet since it was just last month news broke that he is expecting a 3rd child from Nicola Siyo, a South African lady who had worked in one of his companies as his Head of Corporate Communications. Since the news of a fourth child, Ubi has fallen victim to the twitter users who have no time to waste when it comes to trolling and ‘dragging’ people. They have been calling all sorts of names including “father of many nations”. Ubi has a daughter with a US based woman simply known as Igala Finest on Instagram and a son with actress Lilian Esoro.

His fourth babymama Sandra took to Instagram to post her business dealings with the Music Executive saying she loaned him the sum of N8Million and has been giving him money in dollars to help with child support and other issues he had. She also went further to debunk the rumours flying around that she was either engaged or married when he got pregnant with Ubi’s baby.

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Even Singer Iyanya made a post and some are alledging it is targeted at Ubi.

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If you recall, just in March, Iyanya made accusations and that Ubi an ex-partner at record label, ‘Made Men Music Group’ didn’t make him part of the playmakers in the company, even though the agreement they earlier made was for him (Iyanya) to be a co-owner. During that saga, Ubi took to his page to post ‘receipts’ to claim that Iyanya was indeed part of the MMMG major players, showing documents that proved that.

What a week for Ubi…

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