‘Undercover’! OnoBello.com December 2015 ‘Lingerie’ Issue Is Out With A Bang

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Hello ‘Style Revolutionists’, our OnoBello.com December 2015 cover and editorial shoot is out with a bang, yipeeee….!

We have been working on this ‘Lingerie’ Issue for a while now and have aptly tagged it ‘Undercover’, how exciting!

This shoot simply emphasizes that as women, what we wear underneath is as important as our clothes, wouldn’t you agree? Keep still in your chair, we have some vital information for you.


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The founder of this digital magazine-Ono Bello poses confidently in six different types of lingerie from retail brand Brief Essentials while being photographed by the renowned Reze Bonna.


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The inspiration behind this month’s lingerie theme is based on the fact that ‘What’s under your clothes matters!’Feeling and looking good should be both from the inside and outside, which is why your lingerie is important.

It’s something meant not only for your partner to see in the bedroom, but it should make you the woman feel sexy too.

Play with and enjoy your moods, which can go from dreamy, flirty, modest, casual to plain by wearing lingerie that match them. Spend time and effort on your body, because beautiful lingerie most times affirms your self-worth and has been proven to boost your self-confidence.

Lingerie should be a staple in a woman’s wardrobe just as clothes, shoes and handbags.


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Don’t fret as we have compiled some important ‘Tips on how to pick the right lingerie for your body’. Try them for finding lingerie that will make you feel confident and sexy.

  • Identify your body type
  • Focus on what you want to show off
  • Try on lots of options until you find the right match
  • Pay attention to how it feels against your skin and how it makes you feel.


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Hold your breath until next month when we will be bringing you another captivating issue. Make sure you keep refreshing your browserdaily for everything you need is right here on OnoBello.com.

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Shoot Credits

Photography: Reze Bonna (Instagram: @rezebonna)

Creative Director at Large: Franca Asindi-Chiedu (Instagram: @fasindi)

Lingerie: Brief Essentials (Instagram: @briefessentials)

Jewellery: Isabella Gemma (Instagram: @isabellagemma)

Makeup: Bimpe Onakoya (Instagram: @bimpeonakoya) for Maybelline NY Nigeria (@maybellinenyng)

Hair: Total Shop Wigs (Instagram: @totalshopwigs)





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