Update on “Gorilla Glue Girl”- Ghanaian-American Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Obeng Has Removed the Adhesive


Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown, known to the internet as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” has found relief from her hair woes with help from a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng.
The world renowned plastic surgeon who is was born in Ghana offered to perform a procedure that has finally removed the powerful adhesive from her hair, where it’s been stuck for over a month. The procedure usually costs around $12,500; but Dr. Obeng offered to do it for free.
Dr. Michael Obeng

Dr. Michael Obeng

Brown flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles on Wednesday (Feb. 10) to meet with Dr. Obeng about the procedure. The surgeon reportedly used a medical-grade glue remover on Brown’s hair and as we can see from the video below via TMZ the process was a success.


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