US Condemns Zabarmari Massacre As UN Withdraws ‘110’ Causal Figures

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The United States has condemned the horrific killing of 43 farmers in Zabarmari, a farming community in Borno state on Saturday by suspected Boko Haram terrorists that drew global attention.

In a statement issued on Monday, the US Embassy in Nigeria asked the Federal Government to unravel the killers of the slain farmers, adding that they should be brought to book. While commiserating with the victims of the attack, the US explained that it stands with the Nigerian government in efforts to fight terrorism in the country.

“The United States condemns in the strongest terms the November 28 violent attack in Borno, Nigeria.  The United States offers our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed or kidnapped,” the statement read.

“These abhorrent attacks are a stark reminder of why the United States stands with the Nigerian government and people as they fight to defeat terrorism and work to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Following the deadly attack, there has been conflicting figures on the number of casualties in the troubled northeast. While the United Nations (UN) put the number of dead victims at 110, the military authorities insist that only 43 were killed.

The international agency, on Tuesday, however withdrew its initial casualty figure, making a clarification that the said figure was not yet confirmed.

Eve Sabbagh, UN’s head of public information in Nigeria said the “110 casualty figure” was not properly sourced.

“Please note the number of 110 civilians killed on Saturday’s attack is an unconfirmed number and the correct version of the statement by the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator is the one published yesterday on Reliefweb and used on OCHA Nigeria’s Twitter account,” she wrote.

In another statement released by the UN, the casualty was replaced with  “tens of civilians”, while other parts of the piece remains the same.

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