US Embassy Suspends Consular Services In Abuja, Lagos Consulate Unaffected

US Embassy-Nigeria Logo OnoBello

Applicants for visa at the United States Embassy in Abuja were disappointed yesterday as the mission cancelled interview appointments scheduled for the day.

The Nigerian Eye‘s reports speculate that the cancellation may be connected with Friday’s bomb explosion at the UN House that killed about 23 persons, with 73 others injured(we will like to state for the record that no confirmation about this is out). The embassy is about one kilometre to the UN House.

Earlier, when the applicants arrived, they were not allowed to get close to the embassy premises as they were stopped halfway on the road leading to the compound. Some minutes later, two members of staff of the embassy addressed the applicants and told them that the appointments had been cancelled.

Consular operations in Lagos were not affected however, the mission stated on its website on Tuesday.

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