US Says New Foreign Students Won’t Be Admitted For Online-Only Classes


The United States Government has announced that it will not accept new international students seeking online-only programmes, after reversing an outrageous order to expel those already preparing for it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement made the policy change change in a statement on On Friday, July 24 2020. President Donald Trump has made a tough line on immigration a cornerstone of his message and has suspended several kinds of visas for foreigners during the coronavirus crisis.

The original policy change of revoking the visas of foreign students whose classes will move online in the autumn was taken to court by top universities including Harvard and MIT, teachers unions and at least 18 states.

And on July 14 the administration reversed course and rescinded the decision. That measure had been seen as a move by Trump to put pressure on educational institutions that are adopting a cautious approach to reopening amid the global pandemic.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued to show his eagerness for schools at all levels to reopen with in-person classes as a sign of a return to normality as he continues to fight an uphill battle for re-election in November.

He has also been pushing for this even though the virus is out of control in some states, with the US death toll a world-high of more than 144,000. According to online reports, his administration is leaving it largely up to states themselves to figure out how to open schools safely.


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