Men & Grooming: The Benefits Of Using A Face Scrub!

The main reason for upholding a skincare routine is because, ultimately, we want to look our best and products like face washes and moisturizers play a vital part in promoting healthy looking skin. But there’s an unsung hero that’s often neglected from skincare routines, which could really help you scrub up well.

A face scrub, or an exfoliator as it’s sometimes called, is an easy to use product which brings with it a host of benefits that will help keep your skin in tip top condition by removing dead skin cells that form on the surface of your skin (a process more commonly known as exfoliation).

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello

These products are worth their weight in gold, and here’s why…

1. They Help Remove Dirt & Grime
Whether it’s grime from a hard day’s work or sweat from a long gym session, there are going to be occasions when your skin needs a deeper clean – up steps a face scrub. Using small exfoliating particles to expertly clean your skin, where a normal face wash might be found wanting, a scrub will leave your skin super-clean and prepped for your moisturiser. It really is a gym bag must.

2. Spot Prevention & Clearer Complexion
It’s well known that one of the biggest contributors to spot prone skin is a buildup of sebum (a naturally occurring oil on the skin), which causes clogged pores. Using a face scrub twice weekly will help control the buildup of sebum, dirt and grime and therefore help to control spots and blemishes that appear.

3. Improve Your Shave
The list of shaving benefits from using a face scrub is mightily impressive. As well as simply cleaning your skin prior to shaving, an exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells that clog up your razor (improving razor glide), lift tough beard hairs (again improving razor glide), as well as removing and preventing nasty ingrown hairs.

4. Flake-Free Skin
A common complaint of dry-skin sufferers is ‘flakey’ skin, which not only looks unsightly but can also be difficult to control. The instant reaction is to reach for the moisturiser (which will undoubtedly help) but the real answer could lie with exfoliation. By gently buffing away the top layer of ‘flakey’ skin, a face scrub will reveal a fresh complexion which when hydrated with a good moisturiser has a great chance of remaining flake-free.

5. Boost Ageing Complexions
Our skin is actually very good at repairing itself, regenerating around every thirty days. But when we hit our thirties this regeneration process slows down, meaning your complexion needs a helping hand. A face scrub will effectively mimic skin rejuvenation to boost ageing complexions and give your skin a new lease of life.

Apply a face scrub in the same way as a face wash: first by wetting your skin with warm water before applying a small amount of scrub to your fingertips. In small circular motions, apply the product to your whole face, paying particular attention to areas of concern (T-section, area to be shaved). Then simply rinse off to reveal a smoother complexion.

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