Valentine’s Day: Check Out These Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Valentine's Day Last Minute Ideas OnoBello

Today is Valentine’s day and if you have not yet planned for anything, we won’t hold that against you because we know how it can be difficult in finding the perfect gift.

However, we at OnoBello Media have complied some last-minute ideas or suggestions that you and your partner could probably benefit from. Check them out below:


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A luxury inspired gift to a spa of choice can certainly be a welcomed change of pace and is very much within an easy reach. Whether you’re gifted with a body massage, a facial, hair and nail services or even waxings, a day of tranquillity in a soothing environment might just be what the doctor ordered for you and your Valentine.


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Is your partner into good food? If you feel up for it, try cooking something they’d enjoy. With around 1 hour of efforts, you can get that lovely smile that you are looking for today. If your cooking skills are not great, maybe order a personalized cake in their favourite flavours.


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Though not as costly as other gifts, surprisingly enough people still have a soft spot in their hearts for personalized greeting cards — and revel in tender love lines. Maybe try writing them a poem, painting a card, or making a collage. If you’re not skilled in any of this, you can still try. If they like/love you, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Readily available dinner or outing cruises – are another Valentine’s weekend option. It can be anything from tickets to Valentine’s day concert they’d be interested in, a reservation to a blind restaurant, or even visiting an orphanage, setting up a picnic in a place they like, taking them to a beautiful spot that has meaning for either you (opening up and sharing something personal) or them (showing they matter to you).

It can be any one of hundreds of things, depending on how well you know your love interest. This can also be a perfect occasion to think hard about something they’ve been asking from you and you haven’t given it to them yet, and if it doesn’t go against your principles, maybe offer them that. If you do, they will never forget it.


If you have to buy a book, either find a rare edition of something by their favourite author, or get them something they want, but don’t yet have. Something personal, that says you’ve been listening.

If it has to be an object, make it something that hints of a moment you had together or is connected to something they shared with you. If it’s food or drinks, look for rare, good quality items that come in an elegant package. Anything you choose to get, just be ready to spend as much as it takes, otherwise it will just be a generic gift.


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Yes, you read it right. Neither rose flower nor rose bouquet but a rose plant. A flower will die after a few days but a rose plant will survive like your love for each other. Every other day it will produce a new rose to bring that delicious smile on your partner’s face.


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Looks simple but is the hardest considering the traffic on Nigerian roads. You need to look for the routes with less traffic and a pen drive with loads of love songs.



Whether it’s a comedy, mystery, a good stage play, and or an adventure you’re after, explore hundreds of events for today and choose which one your partner would be excited or interested in.


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For those who want a variety of gifts to choose from or even those who indulge in some last-minute buying, Big Basket can be your saving grace. Many malls have just about everything from exotic and decadent chocolates, flowers, and cakes for you to woo your beloved.

Have a lovely, romantic and best Valentine’s day ever.

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