Watch Trailer For KYADDALA By Emmanuel Ikubese, Starring Olumide Oworu, Anita Fabiola and Others


Kyaddala is a Pan African tv series brought to you by EMMANUEL IKUBESE FILM and REACH A HAND UGANDA. It was shot in Kampala Uganda. “Kyaddala” is a Ugandan word meaning  (It’s Real). It’s a show that highlights real issues that affect young people. Issues from  rape, Child marriage, domestic violence, teacher student relationships, HIV/AIDS, etc.

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The new series features several African movie stars led by Olumide Oworu, Emmanuel Ikubese, Anita Fabiola, Martha Kay,Stephen Katusiime, Tevin Waiguru, Harmony, Kyomugisha, Eleanor Nabwiso, and Patrick Salvador. Directed by Emmanuel Ikubese.

Executive producers: Humprey Nabimanya and Emmanuel Ikubese.

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The world premiere is on the 27.09.19 in Kampala Uganda.

Watch Trailer Below

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