Wedding Beauty: DIY “Wedding Guest’ Hairstyle! Lola OJ Teams Up with Charis Hair

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We are in recession people! But does that mean we should go to a wedding with messy hair? Certainly not!

Whether you are attending a wedding on a budget? Or are you just a fan of ‘Do it yourself’ looks? Lola OJ has you covered with her DIY wedding guest hairstyle.

She teamed up with the talented Charis Hair to demonstrate a simple and quick hairstyle that will have you looking fabulous.

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Step One – Tame the sides of your hair/edges with an edge control and a brush

Step Two – Put on the wig (if you’re using a wig) & section a small part at the top of your hair

Step Three – Create a side ponytail at the back

Step Four – Curl the ponytail in three parts and hold with clips

Step Five – Curl the top top section in one go

Step Six – Remove the pins in the ponytail and finger comb

Step Seven – Release the curl in the top section and create a sweep

Check out the video below!


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