Voice of Change: Raising Transformational Leaders In Nigeria – Vol. 1, Part 5- What Purpose Does For You!

Your usual Wednesday tonic, Voice of Change (VOC) is here and still committed to raising the leader in you, are you ready for a paradigm shift?
Last week we talked about Purpose and Vision and took a critical look at these terms, today we will be discussing what having a Purpose does for you!
So, sit tight and listen to the next 15minutes where you will be carried on a life-changing path.


Oprah Winfrey- A woman with Purpose & Vision


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This brings us to the end of part 1 of the VOC series, see here next week for a new and exciting topic!


About Voice of Change
Voice of Change (VOC) is a leadership program on Classic FM, this programme airs at 7am every Tuesday morning for 15minutes.
This program is anchored by Mrs Olajumoke Adenowo, the founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation- a Chartered Architect at AD Consulting an Architecture and Interior Design firm where she is the CEO.

VOC is committed to raising transformational leaders in our society, Mrs Adenowo has created a cycle whereby she inspires and mentors other women and youth who in turn mentor others in a process she hopes will pave the way for a national transformation of women, youth and children in our country Nigeria.
Make sure you check back here every week Wednesday for a new edition of VOC.



Olajumoke Adenowo
Anchor VOC
Founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation
CEO -AD Consulting


For more information, visit: www.vocnigeria.com www.awesometreasuresfoundation.org
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Ilupeju, Lagos
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