Voice of Change: Raising Transformational Leaders In Nigeria – Vol. 3 Part 2 – Who is The Right Leader For Nigeria?

 Welcome to your Wednesday- Wednesday tonic. At this point if you have been following our Voice of Change (VOC) leadership programme since it started featuring here you should now begin to ask yourselves pivotal questions concerning yourself and our nation-Nigeria as VOC teaches us to ask the right questions.


Today we are asking, Who is the right leader Nigeria needs right now? Because there are different seasons in the life of a nation, the leader we needed in the 1960s is not the leader of 1970s and might not be one for the 1990s and definitely not what we need at this time in Nigeria’s history.
Not to divulge too much on today’s topic, sit back and be inspired, enjoy the next 15minutes of this programme.


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan- President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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About Voice of Change
Voice of Change (VOC) is a Christian religious program on Classic FM, this programme airs at 7am every Tuesday morning for 15minutes.
This program is anchored by Mrs Olajumoke Adenowo, the founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation- a Chartered Architect at AD Consulting an Architecture and Interior Design firm where she is the CEO.

VOC is committed to raising transformational leaders in our society, Mrs Adenowo has created a cycle whereby she inspires and mentors other women and youth who in turn mentor others in a process she hopes will pave the way for a national transformation of women, youth and children in our country Nigeria.

Make sure you check back here every week Wednesday for a new edition of VOC.


Olajumoke Adenowo
Anchor VOC
Founder of Awesome Treasures Foundation
CEO -AD Consulting


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