Who Wore It Better? Chic Ama and Addie Olutola in a Purple and Pink Kente Styling by Diyanu

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In today’s episode of Who Wore It Better, we have Chic Ama and Addie Olutola beautifully dressed in a purple and Pink Kente Bunmi Crop top and Emi Skirt.

However, before we proceed to describe how these women styled their outfit, we would take the next few lines to talk about these stylish women.

Chic Ama is a style Influencer who enjoys experimenting different types of fashion from DIY’s to creating her own styles.

Addie Olutola is the founder of Diyanu, launched in 2014. D’iyanu is a clothing line which offers quality, trendy and ready-to-wear bold prints.

Rocking her own production, Addie Olutola opted for gold accessories as she paired her outfit with a gold ankle strap heel, gold bracelet and neck chain.

Chic Ama rocked hers with a layered bead, purple and pink stiletto and a head tie styled into a frontal puff.

Fire served by both!

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Chic Ama and Diyanu OnoBello


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