Woli Arole Is The First Cover Star Of BlackNBold Magazine’s Insta-Famous Issue

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Social media comedian Oluwatoyin Bayegun popularly known as Woli Arole has been tapped to cover the first Insta-famous issue of BlackNBold Magazine.

The issue which is set to focus on Nigerians who have become famous through their use of Instagram spotlights Arole as one of the pioneers of online comedy skits in Nigeria. According to the magazine, “His social media persona is that of a prophet preaching the gospel and displaying clairvoyance in comical ways.”

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Read excerpts of his interview below.

On what influenced his Instagram identity of a prophet:

When I finished from the university, I thought about what I could do, I then decided to merge my strong spiritual background with my comedy.

On the motivation behind Instagram giveaways:

I realised that a couple of people that follow me have needs from the DMs they send, and I see it as a means to connect with my fans, so I give people lots of money and gifts, to just support them, some of them have built businesses from the cash they won. It is just the humanitarian part of me.

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On what kept him during the times he almost gave up:

What kept me going was the fact that success for me was beyond myself, it was about the people that were being motivated, I wanted to be that voice and reason why some people did not give up, it was more about inspiring others.

On advice to young people:

Be original, seek collaborations, be humble, trust God and the processes, it is going to be fine!

See more photos below.

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Photography: Studio24 Nigeria (@studio24nigeria)

Editor-In-Chief: Abiola Orimolade (@abiolabnb)

Assistant Editor: Rhoda Aguonigho (@rrhodaa)

Designers: Laween Luxury (@laween_luxury), NanaClassique (@nanaclassique)

Art Director/Stylist: Kolawole Olumegbon (@prince_k__)

Creative Assistant: Chizoma Nwachukwu (@zormah)

Graphics: Joel Okonkwo (@layonjaydesign)

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