Woman Conceived By Rape Demands DNA To Prosecute Father


A woman who says she was conceived as a result of rape wants a DNA test in order to bring her father to justice. She says her mum was a teenage schoolgirl who was well under the age of consent when a family friend raped her in the 1970s.

The daughter calls herself a ‘walking crime scene’ and says her birth is proof a child was raped. But the police say the law does not recognise her as a victim and are following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) not to support a prosecution.

Speaking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, the woman said she found out how she was conceived while studying her own adoption records. She read that her mum was raped when she went to babysit at her father’s house.

The woman added: ‘It says in seven different places in the files that it was rape. ‘It states his name and address, that social services, police, health workers knew – but nothing was done about it.

‘It made me feel angry, devastated for my birth mum. For me.’ She said her birth mother had been let down by the original police investigation. The complainant added: ‘It was then that I thought “I’ve got DNA evidence, because I am DNA evidence. ‘”

I’m a walking crime scene and it’s all written in the files. Surely people are going to take me seriously?”‘ No rape complaint was made in the 1970s and the mother has refused to cooperate with an investigation since being approached by her daughter in 2014.

The daughter said: ‘Because of that crime, I am alive. My whole life’s been dictated by it, but no one will see me as a victim. ‘I am living, breathing proof of a child rapist and nobody is interested. How is that OK?’ She says she wants the definition of victim to be reviewed and for police and social services to apologise for their failures.

The woman confronted her father about the allegation, which he neither confirmed nor denied. She added: ‘This has nearly beaten me down. Being adopted comes with so many difficulties, and the trauma of this has affected every part of my life. ‘But I will persevere because I know this is so wrong and I want justice.’

Head of West Midland’s Police’s public protection unit Chief Superintendent Pete Henrick said the force does not underestimate the complainant’s ordeal. But he says while the law does not recognise her as a victim, the mother would need to cooperate with an investigation for a prosecution to go ahead.

He added: ‘Our handling of the case was scrutinised by both our professional standards department and the Independent Police Complaints Commission, at the time, and both agreed the police action and conclusion were appropriate.’ The complainant met Birmingham City Council officers in 2015 and a ‘full review’ of information she presented was carried out.


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