Women Empowerment And The Rise Of Female Nigerian Smokers

It is great to watch the magic of female emancipation explode in Nigeria over the years. Nigerian women are growing stronger and making valid contribution to the growth of our nation. We are responding to modernization thus creating a sense of empowerment.  

Nollywood ‘s grand take off has also given women the opportunity to express themselves through creativity.

Very often in Nollywood movies you would see a woman puffing away her cigarette either ferociously or happily but she is usually the villain and someone you wouldn’t dare mess with.   We all know that female smokers are not respected at all Nigeria. This meant that many of us Nigerian women would not touch cigarettes. Thank God for that! Now that’s a great culture that is stopping us ladies from dying of lung cancer. I wish this would apply to men too. More men are still sadly smoking their lives away.

However, there is a scary rise in Nigerian female smokers both home and abroad. Although the prevalence is mostly in the metropolitan part of Nigerian, it is very worrying and a massive health risk.  Nigerian communities abroad are facing the same smoking fad amongst female. I have been to some Nigerian parties here in the UK and was very sad to see ladies smoking stick after stick without any health consideration. It is disappointing to know that while the developed world is rapidly moving away from smoking, some Nigerian women are adopting the dangerous habit. Presumably, smoking is viewed as some sort of gender empowerment in the minds of female smokers. Are these women trying to be ‘’kool’’ and liberated?  I could assume that there is a co relation between empowerment and smoking amongst Nigerian women. Whilst I encourage women’s empowerment, I would hate to see an increase in lung cancers and other smoking related illnesses because we have chosen the wrong way to stand out.

So babes, just before you light up another stick of cigarette, let me show you ways smoking can wreck your life for good:
•    Lung cancer.
•    Stroke.
•    Breast cancer.
•    Oral cancer.
•    Throat cancer.
•    Low fertility.
•    Chronic pulmonary disease.

Quit smoking now and be empowered for your own life at least.
All views expressed here are those of Jane Meadows
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