Wonder What It’s Like To Get Braces? Lola OJ Takes Us Through on OBTV|Watch


Ever wondered what it’s like to get braces? Want to know if they’re painful? Beauty vlogger, Lola OJ is here to show us why and how she got hers.

In the short video, she shares her experience on the procedure of getting her braces done in Lagos, Nigeria. According to Lola, her reasons for getting the braces were not extreme in anyway…but you know what they say “if you don’t like something, change it or change the way you think about it”.

I tried for a long time to change the way I thought about my teeth but I just wasn’t confident smiling, many people think I am crazy as I go on about ‘a gap in my tooth’ that no one seems to notice but me lol.

‘Nevertheless, I decided I was going to get braces, I choose ‘ceramic’ braces which are a lot easier to hide since the brackets are clear.

‘I hope this video helps those interested’, she said.

Watch the video below!

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