Yemi Alade Shuts Down Paris With “Woman Of Steel” Album Release Party

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Yemi Alade recently inked a deal with Universal Music and the France division of the label, treated Parisians to an album release party/listening of Alade’s new album”Woman of Steel”.

The France “Woman of Steel” album event took place at the Le Comptoir Général in Paris. Fans of the African diva came out for the album event include global music stars Serge Beynaud and Charlotte Dipanda. Yemi Alade broke down the album track-by-track, talked the album’s theme, inspiration, recording process, collaborations and also screened her short film for “Home” to guests and journalists present.

Check out photos from the event below! In other Yemi Alade related news, she just premiered the music video for “Give Dem” and will be taking the “Woman of Steel” album media tour to London next.

See More Photos Below

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