Yunusa’s Father Maintains Ese Oruru & His Son Were In Love, Denies Marriage Reports

1. Dahiru Bala, Yunusa's fatherWe earlier reported Ese Rita Oruru’s interview with Daily Sun where she revealed that she had no idea of how she got to Kano with 25-year-old Yunusa Dahiru, the man believed to have abducted the 14-year-old girl.

Though she is now five months pregnant, Ese maintains that she was neither married nor in love with Yunusa.

In a recent report by Vanguard Yunusa’s father Bala Dahiru maintained that Ese and his son were in love. He also pledged to stand by his son during this trying time.

Bala gave a graphic account of the whole saga saying: “Yunusa was a house help to Oruru’s family for 10 years and when he told me of his love relationship with Ese, I opposed him because we already had a bride for him in the village. When he called to say that he was on his way home with his love I informed him of the bride we had found for him

“The love relationship between my son and Ese was built on ignorance of their religious backgrounds which make it difficult for anyone around here to support their marriage proposal. Here, I’m talking of embedded contraption that are highly offensive to my religion”

He went on: “There was no marriage between my son and Ese Oruru due to the contradiction and illegality involved.”

Dahiru who revealed that he had kicked against his son’s plan to elope with Ese, said they turned to the traditional authorities when it appeared that Yunusa wouldn’t heed his advice.

He said: “I promptly reported the matter to the Village Head and on their arrival, they were taken to his home and he, in turn, reported to the District Head at Kura, headquarters of Kura Local Government Area. Bala  disclosed that “sequel to the request of Ese, she was converted to Islam  before she was taken to the Emir’s palace,  on the order of the District Head,  for the Emir’s final say.”

“On arrival at the Emir’s palace, a senior counsellor who took the brief, summoned the Sharia Commission to take custody of Ese till the following day when the Emir would be available.”

According to the peasant farmer, the Emir who subsequently met with them, ordered that the Sharia Commission should liaise with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 1, to return her home with immediate effect.

“The much anticipated return of Ese to Bayelsa was truncated by her when she broke down in the AIG office and raised safety questions to her life back home. Subsequently, the move was halted to pave for investigation.”

Bala who was pleased to divulge what he knew about the love saga said that “the last we heard of Ese was that she was in the custody of the Sharia Commission and kept in the home of the District Head at Kura.”

Questioning the reason for the high interest in the Ese/Yunusa story, Bala Dahiru asked, “Is it because I’m not Dangote that’s why the interest is high?”




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