Zayn Malik Debuts a Completely Shaved Head! See Photo


If you thought the fangirl pandemonium was real when Harry Styles chopped off his signature shoulder-length mane, gird yourself because it’s about to get deadly serious amongst that same preteen set all over again.

Almost two years after dying his black hair bleach blond and subsequently every shade of the rainbow, your former boy band heartthrob fav also known as Zayn Malik is now completely bald.

Of course, Malik has dabbled in his fair share of hairstyles in the past, regularly shaving his head and then letting it grow out to a dreamy flop he has to constantly push out of his eyes, with a lot of Flock of Seagulls-esque pitstops in between. But this look might be his boldest and most surprising to date.

The pop star is currently spending the long weekend with his girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid, and both of their mothers on Yolanda Hadid‘s newly purchased horse farm in rural Pennsylvania celebrating Eid al-Adha. But in addition to getting some quality time in with his mom, Zayn decided this was also the perfect time to seriously change up his look, completely shaving his head.

In a selfie his mother Trisha Malik posted to her Instagram account on Sunday featuring herself, Zayn, and Gigi, the singer revealed his totally hair-free scalp. Perhaps, like Cara Delevingne who rocked the cue ball look before him, Malik has plans to expand his career to include acting as well, just like his former bandmate Harry. Or maybe, just like the rest of Hollywood, he heard that bald heads are the hottest look in town for 2017.


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